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Yoga Accessories

This strap has a double square ring buckle and is made from natural, unbleached cotton. Slightly ...
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The Manduka Lean Cork Yoga Block may be slimmer than its full-size counterpart, but it's equally ...
The enlight™ Round Yoga bolster is a lightweight, classic, round bolster perfect for your knees a...
Myga 2-in-1 Yoga Belt Strap for Stretching and Improving Flexibility - Adjustable Yoga Sling for ...
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Large cotton twill and buckwheat yoga bolster to support your back and knees in various yoga pose...
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Using a Yoga strap can help you build confidence by encouraging you to go deeper into Yoga postures and give you support. This 1.5" wide cotton yoga straps features a D-Ring buckle. Features Made from ethical cotton. Stainless steel D-ring.
Cork Yoga Blocks are a great option when choosing a Yoga block. These Yoga Blocks can be used to offer support during any Yoga pose. They provide optimal grip, ultimate comfort, great texture and a softer feel due to the natural characteristics of this eco product.

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