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With his expert teachings, philosophical insights, and pragmatic imagery, world-class yoga instru...
Cork Yoga Blocks are a great option when choosing a Yoga block. These Yoga Blocks can be used to offer support during any Yoga pose. They provide optimal grip, ultimate comfort, great texture and a softer feel due to the natural characteristics of this eco product.
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Using a Yoga strap can help you build confidence by encouraging you to go deeper into Yoga postures and give you support. This 1.5" wide cotton yoga straps features a D-Ring buckle. Features Made from ethical cotton. Stainless steel D-ring.


100% Brushed Cotton Canvas.
Weight - 407gsm.
Zippered closure.
Multi-purpose use.
Yoga Studio Extra Large Quick Dry Microfiber Towel Soft, lightweight and highly absorbent. Quick Dry. 3 x Faster Than a Normal Cotton Towel. Lightweight, Compact, Yet Full Size. Super Absorbent, providing a Hygienic Barrier, Antibacterial. Dry Yourself Quickly. No More Heavy Bulky Towels.
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This Yoga Mat Bag has been designed for easy carrying of your rolled Yoga Mat. Manufactured in washable nylon with mesh fabric. The bag can carry a Yoga or Pilates mat from 4mm up to 6mm thick. Manufactured in washable nylon and mesh fabric Netted mesh panel to allow your yoga mat to breathe.

These Drawstring Pants are full-length, straight leg pants
They are designed to offer a loose, c...
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This Yoga Mat Bag has been designed for carrying and protecting a rolled Yoga Mat and two blocks, two yoga bricks, a blanket and a yoga belt. The bag has an adjustable over the shoulder strap and top zipper to facilitate easy loading of rolled yoga mat. On the front of the bag is a zipped, cargo pocket to hold personal items and valuables. Just drop in from the top and go!

Want to treat someone but let them choose the Mat or Yoga outfit of their dreams? Then the Yogah...
This balancing essential oil roll-on brings equilibrium and quiet strength to mind and body
This grounding essential oil roll-on brings us into the moment and grounds us with Frankincense a...
This uplifting essential oil roll-on brings calm, joy, focus, clarity and renewed energy.
This pr...
This cleansing essential oil body oil sparkles with fresh renewing energy
The cleansing power of ...
This soothing essential oil body oil is full of sacred trees - which ease the body, calm and supp...
This relaxing essential oil body oil is a deeply blend that will transform your mood and ease you...

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